Twisting Department

Our Twisting Department plays a vital role in producing high-quality twisted yarn, which serves as the foundation for a variety of fabrics. With a maximum capacity of 65,000 lbs per month, we ensure a consistent supply of yarn to meet the demands of our valued customers. Our state-of-the-art twisting machines enable us to achieve exceptional results, offering the flexibility to produce both high twist yarns, reaching up to 3600 TPM, and low twist yarns, down to 400 TPM.

Warp Knitting Department

In our Warp Knitting Department, we specialize in the production of premium warp knitted fabrics. Our focus lies in creating fabrics using high-quality polyester and nylon fibre. Equipped with a diverse range of cutting-edge warp knitting machines from Karl Mayer, we have a maximum monthly capacity of up to 40,000 kgs. These machines allow us to create fabrics of outstanding quality, meeting the specific requirements and expectations of our customers.

Weaving Department

At Keytex Industries, our Weaving Department is dedicated to producing high-quality woven fabrics that span a wide range. With a maximum monthly capacity of 500,000 yards, we have the capabilities to meet large-scale orders while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our well-maintained Sulzer shuttle-less looms, Rapier looms & Tsudakoma water jet looms operate seamlessly, ensuring efficient production and timely delivery.

Cutting & Stitching Department

In our Packing & Quality department, we ensure that every fabric leaving our facility meets the highest standards of excellence. Our highly skilled staff meticulously cuts, stitch and packs the fabrics according to the specific requirements of our buyers.

Packing Department

Utilizing the latest machinery, we provide precision packaging options, including pieces or rolls on tubes. To ensure the safe transportation of our products, we further pack them in cartons or bales, safeguarding the quality and integrity of our fabrics.